Many healthcare providers ask and answer questions about your symptoms in order to diagnose and treat your condition with medication. At Optimal Health and Wellness, Julie Long, WHNP-BC goes deeper. She searches for where your body systems may be breaking down to allow the condition to exist. Then, she treats you – not just your disease – to give you optimal symptom relief and system restoration.

Julie Long, WHNP-BC practices what is known as Functional Medicine.

Functional Medicine addresses dysfunctions in your body’s processes that can cause symptoms today and lead to chronic conditions over time. Essentially, she wants to help you feel better by helping your body function better.

Each patient is a unique and complex set of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that set the stage for either good health or disease development. People with similar symptoms or conditions still have different stories, and therefore can require different treatments. That’s why Julie gets down to the root cause – she spends time with you, listens to your story, gathers a thorough history, and recommends appropriate diagnostic testing to get to the core of how your body is functioning.

The Basic Principles of Functional Medicine are:

  • The Biochemical Individuality Of Each Patient;
  • A Patient-centered Approach To Treatment;
  • The Search For A Dynamic Balance Among Internal And External Factors;
  • The Interconnection Of Bodily Workings;
  • Health As A Positive Vitality, Not Just The Absence Of Disease; And
  • The Promotion Of Organ Reserve As A Way To Enhance Health.