Your health is about YOU – your unique chemistry, genetics, environment and lifestyle. As a dedicated women’s healthcare provider based in Austin, I help my patients improve how they feel and their overall wellness through an approach that is individualized, integrated, and intended to get them feeling and being their BEST.

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At Optimal Health and Wellness, Julie specializes in comprehensive, patient-centered care. She investigates the root cause of your symptoms and crafts a personalized care plan to improve and restore them, which might include:


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Individualized Care

designed to meet your unique health needs.

About Julie

Julie Long, NP, is an Austin-based women’s healthcare specialist. With over 15 years’ experience working specifically with women, Julie has extensive expertise in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy [BHRT], adrenal fatigue repair, gastrointestinal health, nutritional counseling and detoxification. Julie believes in the functional approach to healthcare: she identifies the underlying cause of your symptoms by examining and strengthening your core systems – restoring your health, rather than just treating your symptoms. Julie prides herself on spending time with and getting to know each patient and her story, and loves improving women’s lives by offering her medical proficiency, whole-health philosophy and compassionate optimism.

  • Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Advanced Practice Nurse with prescriptive authorization
  • Working toward Functional Medicine Certification

Julie Kneese Long Advanced Practice Nurse with Prescriptive Authorization

    Integrated Approach

    to do more than manage symptoms – to make you well.


    At Optimal Health and Wellness, Julie offers testing and treatment options that not only address your condition, but also answer the question Why do I have this? She listens, assesses and puts together a plan just for you, to improve the balance and function of your body’s systems, and lead you to improved health and optimal wellness.

    Root Cause

    Julie digs deep to reveal the root cause of your symptoms.
    Knowing what’s causing you to feel bad will help guide her treatment plan for making you feel your best.

    The Key Three

    Many conditions marked as “female issues” – from mood swings to osteoporosis – can be due to breakdown in your body’s hormonal, digestive or detoxification systems.
    Julie specializes in restoring these three
    key systems.

    Whole Health Testing

    Julie relies on a wide range of medical tests to tell how your body’s systems are functioning – including blood and hormone panels, adrenal assessments, stool cultures, food-sensitivity testing and testing your detoxification pathways.

    Optimal Wellbeing

    is the objective – you deserve nothing less.


    Optimal Health & Wellness 9442 Capital of Texas Highway N, Arboretum Plaza One, Ste. 500,
    Austin TX 78759

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