Julie Long, WHNP-BC, has had a passion to help people through nursing since she was a child. She began the realization of this dream in 1994 by earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at The University of Texas at Austin. Julie initially practiced postpartum and newborn care, moved into mental health and drug/alcohol rehabilitation, then returned to labor and delivery. She loved working with women and women’s health issues, and she wanted to do more.

Julie earned her Master of Science in Nursing and her Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner degree at the University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center. She went to work with Austin-based Obstetrician/Gynecologist Dr. Marco Uribe, treating women with infertility, gynecological problems, obstetrical care and hormone imbalances. Their collaboration continued with a move to a specialized clinic for integrative and bioidentical hormone therapy.

Julie’s natural interest in holistic medicine crystallized as a calling for her when she became pregnant for the first time. Improving her nutritional habits, limiting her exposure to potentially damaging substances and adjusting her lifestyle helped lead Julie and her baby – who is now a happy, healthy 15-year-old named Jake, big brother to 13-year-old James – to optimum health. It became Julie’s passion to share this experience of ultimate wellness with other women. After more than 15 years with Dr. Uribe, Julie decided to open up her own Austin-based practice – Optimal Health and Wellness.

Julie Long, WHNP-BC is recognized as a Board Certified Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner by the National Certification Corporation, and by the Texas Board of Nursing as an Advanced Practice Nurse with prescriptive authority. She regularly participates in BHRT and Institute of Functional Medicine conferences, and is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Dr. Uribe now serves as Julie’s supervising physician, meeting with her monthly to talk about patient issues and available as needed to consult on her cases.

Julie’s Practice Philosophy

Every patient is absolutely unique – their systems, symptoms, backgrounds, lifestyles – and their treatment should be, too. Julie enjoys spending one-on-one time with each patient, getting to know you and listening to your story, because understanding you and your life is vital to Julie’s therapeutic decisions. She also encourages her patients to play an active role in their healthcare, so you can work together with Julie to achieve your best possible self.
one that centers around the patient rather than the disease. She digs down to the root cause of your symptoms by examining and strengthening your core systems. Julie makes sure all systems are working well, and working together to preserve your organs and prolong your life. Treating the person as a whole not only relieves your symptoms, but also helps restore your health and helps you reclaim your life.

Being healthy isn’t just the absence of disease; it’s a positive vitality, a dynamic balance – inside and out. So Julie isn’t satisfied with you feeling okayfine or even good. Her goal is to get you feeling great, fantasticawesome! Julie uses her medical proficiency, whole-health philosophy and compassionate optimism to get you feeling better, yes, but ultimately, she seeks to get you feeling your best.

Julie Long, WHNP-BC

Julie Long, WHNP-BC

Specializing in:

  • Hormone balancing via BHRT
  • Adrenal restoration
  • Gastrointestinal optimization
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Food-sensitivity management
  • Vitamin & mineral replenishment
  • Optimization of detox capabilities