“Why do I have this?”

At Optimal Health and Wellness, Julie goes beyond questioning What do you have?  to answer Why do you have this?

Treating you means digging deeper than symptoms or even conditions.

The Root Cause

Julie seeks the root cause of your issues in order to identify and strengthen the weak links in your body’s systems.

    The Key Three

    Julie specializes in repairing your body’s systemic breakdowns, and restoring and balancing your body’s three main processes:

      Hormonal Balancing

      Hormone depletion – due to natural aging or excessive stress – affects almost all functions of your body. Discovering your balance can help recover your health.

        Gastrointestinal Optimization

        Improper digestive function can be caused by many things, from food sensitivities to low enzyme activity. It may be time for a literal gut check.


          Your body processes so many potentially damaging substances every day; if your natural detox function isn’t working properly, then these toxins can cause chronic issues.


            Whole Health Testing

            At Optimal Health and Wellness, Julie depends on a diversity of medical tests in order to get to the heart of your health problems and help you resolve them. None are invasive, and all give her important information she needs to know to give you a specific diagnosis and personal treatment plan.

            Our Tests

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